Two businesses are preparing to open in Chillicothe. The sister companies of IBC North American and Clean Tide Container announced plans in July to open a new facility.

Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Economic Developer Terry Rumery:

Terry Rumery

“We started this project through a lead from the state of Missouri and the Kansas City Area Development Council, which Chillicothe and its partners belong to,” said Rumery, “We received this lead. They came in for two or three times for visits. And then the last time they came in, we were able to convince them to take the building that used to be the Gear for Sports building.”

Once up and running, IBC will produce containers.

“And the biggest customer base they have is the ag business. And they make containers that would hold sprays, or whatever it may be. And they actually make those containers for those types of companies. Clean Tide, on the other hand, actually will take those containers back from the customers who have no need for them. And they’ll either clean them up and refurbish them, or they’ll shred them and remake them into new…whatever it may be.”

The companies are making a $5.1 million investment in the Chillicothe community, and will create 87 jobs. The current plan is to open their doors in the next few weeks.