The Chillicothe Hall of Fame inside the Sliced Bread Innovation Center showcases the town’s history.

CHILLICOTHE — This weekend the Chillicothe community gets to celebrate not one, but two significant days in history.

On July 3, Chillicothe’s Sliced Bread Day Festival kicked off its weekend-long schedule of events to recognize the town’s history as the home of sliced bread. The official day for commemoration is July 7 but since that date falls on a Tuesday this year, Amy Supple, the director of Visit Chillicothe, the organization that oversees the events for the festival, thought this would be a good opportunity to combine this historic day with another, the Fourth of July.

Although the process of trying to plan a festival while keeping people safe during a pandemic was tedious, Supple still enjoys seeing people in a community come together for something good.

“There’s no right decision right now,” Supple says. “Many events are getting canceled and its heartbreaking for the people who love those events but also for the people who plan those events. When you can give anybody something to look forward to this year it’s always better.”

On July 3, the events started at the Sliced Bread Innovation Center with the Missouri Bicentennial Photo Exhibit. The morning events for Sliced Bread included a 5K, a farmers market, an open house at the innovation center and Kids Art Saturday at the Cultural Corner Art Guild.

“I think people are ready to do normal things even if we have to social distance,” says Lacey Anderson, the executive director of Cultural Corner Art Guild. “It’s still good to be creative. It’s good stress relief.”

Looking forward, Supple hopes that the festival can return to its traditional setting as it continues to grow.

“Next year, we really hope to go back to things we’ve done in the past,” Supple says. “It takes a while for things to pick up speed, but we want it to be a can’t miss annual celebration that people enjoy coming to.”

Sliced Bread Day events will carry on through the rest of the day and end with a firework display. Events will continue through July 12.