The City of Chillicothe will be offering rural fire protection directly to individuals and businesses outside the city through March of 2012. Click to hear KMZU’s Brad Hartman talk with Fire Chief Darrell Wright.

Darrell Wright

Press Release from the City of Chillicothe:

Chief Darrell Wright of the Chillicothe Fire Department announced today that starting after expiration of the current contract for the 2011-2012 fiscal year with the CHILLICOTHE RURAL FIRE PROTECTION INCORPORATED in March 2012, that the City of Chillicothe, through its fire department, will offer rural fire protection directly to individuals and businesses outside the City. This service will be offered to individuals, businesses and organizations located outside the city limits of Chillicothe but within 10 miles of the City.

Beginning in February 2012, anyone that desires fire protection can contract with the City fire department. In 2012, the City will no longer provide the service by contract with the current rural fire protection association but will instead do so by direct contract. The fee for fire protection contracts will be based on the assessed valuation of the property to be protected, with the costs for the first year to be set at .35 cents per 100.00 of assessed valuation. This rate is near the low end of tax rates for other area fire districts providing rural fire protection and may reduce costs of fire protection for the owners of modest homes in the rural areas compared to what such homeowners have paid in the past for dues to CHILLICOTHE RURAL FIRE PROTECTION, INCORPORATED.

To assist the transition to direct contracts wit the City, the City has offered to purchase at fair market value for the fire equipment owned by the CHILLICOTHE RURAL FIRE PROTECTION INCORPORATED. The City will provide continued service to current Rural fire members through March of 2012.