The Chillicothe City Council took action on several items at Monday’s meeting. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Pounds speak with City Administrator Ike Holland.

Ike Holland

Holland said the first order of business was a presentation by the Street Commissioner. “This was a request for a new city dump truck for approximately $102,000. This is just part of our normal rotation of vehicles for the Street Department.” He added, “The other vehicle was a 1999 model. This was a replacement and an update that was approved.” A local resident also appeared before council to express concern about wheel chairs on city streets. The city does not currently have an ordinance regarding the issue, so discussion will continue on the matter.

Holland said the most memorable discussion of the night was the review of the vote on last month’s tow bids. “Basically this was a discussion between two council members, who wanted to revisit the matter to ensure the right decision had been made. We’ve reviewed tow bids twice within the last year.” He said, “Ultimately council decided to stick with the final vote from last month, so there was no change or action.”

Council also approved two conditional use permits, one for a new adult day care, and another for a car lot in the city. Council adjourned before gathering in Executive Session.