CHILLICOTHE, MO – A meeting of Chillicothe council members last night was put on hold for a public hearing before action was taken regarding the proposed property tax rates for 2017. City Auditor, Theresa Kelly, presented the recommendations of the state auditor to the council for consideration.

A memorandum from Auditor Kelly indicates collected tax revenues would increase by over $22,000 due to the significant increase in property valuations.

The city of Chillicothe and Livingston County has reportedly paid for over 650 hours of overtime, amounting to $17,000 in 2016, due to an understaffed dispatch center. According to Dispatch and Office Manager, Cindy Hanavan, adding a seventh dispatcher would eliminate that mandatory overtime pay.

Hanavan said most dispatch centers have at least two dispatchers working at one time. The office is currently looking at several outstanding candidates for employment. Over one-third of the cost of hiring dispatchers is paid for by the county. Council members said they would look into the possibility. A decision will be made by the city in the coming months to coincide with the county budget due in December.

Discussion was also taken up by council in consideration of a drug-dog program.  Police chief, Rick Knouse informed council that in his opinion, investment in a drug dog will save plenty of time and money.