Pastor Tommy Sandaford with the Souls Harbor Church of God started the regular session (08/29/16) with remarks on the local Ministerial Alliance's mission to flood ravaged Louisiana.

Pastor Tommy Sandaford with the Souls Harbor Church of God started the regular session (08/29/16) with remarks on the local Ministerial Alliance’s mission to flood ravaged Louisiana.

CHILLICOTHE, Mo. – The Chillicothe City Council had a full agenda Monday evening, August 29, 2016. Click below to listen to the entire meeting.

During Monday night’s city council meeting in Chillicothe a discussion was held with the Superintendent of the Chillicothe R-II School District, Roger Barnes. Dr. Barnes was asking the Council to waive the requirement by ordinance for a sidewalk along newly constructed streets to one, defray costs, and two, for the safety of families.

Dr. Barnes went on to explain how.

1st Ward Councilman Reed Dupy was against the idea, saying it would set a bad precedent. He believed a sidewalk should be there, especially for future area development. The majority of the council agreed.

Later though, Council did agree to waive building permit fees for the school district as they get ready to build the elementary school near the High School campus.

Earlier on the agenda council approved the mayor’s request to appoint Eva Danner Horton to the Housing Authority Board, Mrs. Horton thanked the mayor and council and told them why she was happy to serve.

All the members said they were happy to have her on the board.

At the end of the meeting, Council heard from National Guard Sgt. First Class Derek Allan. He came forward with members of the local police department and Fire Chief Darrell Wright to make a formal request.

The Council unanimously agreed.

Also as part of the meeting, Council agreed to allow MC Power and Chillicothe Municipal Utilities to move forward with the construction of the solar plant that should benefit consumers and businesses with renewable energy.

Also present during the meeting Monday night was Micha Landes. She is with Chillicothe Main Street. She came forward with a request for a parklet to be placed in front of Cultural Corner. The grand opening is at the end of September and other events are coming up befor the conclusion of fall. The owners of Cultural Corner had agreed to the Encroachment Clause and Council unanimously approved the parklet.

Officials from Hedrick Medical Center were also present Monday evening and requested permission from counsel to build an additional parking lot to help compensate for the lack of parking due to the influx of patients to the hospital.

Council expressed the high traffic at the facility is a sign of great success and agreed to the parking lot. It will allow for 61 more additional spaces on the northwest side of the ER. It was part of the originally drafted plans.

For complete agendas and minutes of previous meetings. Log on to the Chillicothe city website.