The city of Chillicothe has been making preparations to receive a storm ready designation .  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Fire Chief Darrell Wright:

Darrell Wright

Weather  in the Midwest can be unpredictable at times and it’s important for city and towns across the area to be prepared for any type of weather-related emergency.  Wright said his department has been giving extra attention to those efforts.  “Storm Ready is a program that is sponsored by the National Weather Service,” said Wright,” It’s a set of qualifications that they put out to ensure that your city is not necessarily storm proof, but storm ready or storm aware.  We started going through that process last year of getting all of our stuff in line.”

Wright said it’s aimed at ensuring that communities are prepared for a wide variety of emergencies.  “Does is make us any better?,” said Wright,” Probably not.  It does, however, cause us to make certain that our policies, procedures, and shelters associated with storms are kept up to date.  We didn’t make a lot of changes while getting the designations because we had a lot of it already in place, but we just didn’t have it documented properly.  In other words, we didn’t have some of our procedures on paper.”

The official designation was made at Monday night’s city council meeting.