CHILLICOTHE, MO – Chillicothe Council members took another step toward historic preservation at a meeting Monday.

The formation of a Historic Preservation Commission was one criterion needed by Chillicothe to qualify for federal and state programs. That five-member board was formed Monday by action of the council. It also will hold three ex-officio members.  The commission is crucial to obtaining state and federal funding for preservation purposes.

Council members ratified a historic preservation ordinance during a meeting in June. The ordinance allows the commission to work with local business owners to rehabilitate and maintain building facades, and assist in obtaining federal and state funding toward that end. Administrator, Darin Chappell said neither the ordinance nor commission would impose undue regulatory burdens on business owners. He said the private property rights of owners would not be infringed.

City officials believe historic preservation is instrumental in the continuance of strong tourism in the city, as well as enhancing small-time economic opportunity.