During the Chillicothe City Council meeting Monday evening C.E.O. Matt Wenzel presented the final budget report for the new Hedrick Medical Center. Wentzel first reported on growth of over 110% in areas including acute admissions, surgeries and births since 2012. Wentzel explains the not so secret formula for that success.

Matt Wenzel

Wentzel then moved on to the final numbers for completion of the new facility.

Matt Wenzel

Mr. Wentzel went on to point out the cooperation between hospital administrators and city officials and council having the foresight to invest in the leap forward for regional health care. Council also approved the bid from Barnes Baker Motors Trenton for a new Parks Transit Van during proceedings. The total cost plus delivery is $23,827.

Fueling Chillicothe’s vehicle fleet for the coming fiscal year was an early item addressed. The winning bid was from MFA Oil and is good from Apr. 1st 2015 to March 31st, 2016.

Another discussion focused on an agreement with Community Fund Works to write grant applications for community projects. City Administrator Ike Holland explains how this agreement is beneficial and would be cost free.

Ike Holland

CFW would be compensated on a sliding scale from 8 percent on any grant awarded up to $20,000, to 1% for amounts of $10 million or more. Council gave consensus to have an ordinance approving of the agreement on the next meeting’s agenda.

The Parks and Recreation Department also received council approval to contract with different vendors to provide concessions along with an agreement with Pepsi for beverage supplies.