CHILLICOTHE, MO – Sales tax in Chillicothe may edge up slightly if voters decide to approve a quarter-cent tax supporting Chillicothe police.

The idea was presented at a council meeting Tuesday by chief Jon Maples.  The chief argued the the city has grown, and with it, the need for policing.  The cost of training and equipment has also gone up.  The tax would be earmarked only for capital improvement, and police operations.

Councilman, Wayne Cunningham:


Council members also compared the situation with their highly regarded fire department, which was bolstered by a similar tax years ago.

The city administrator was in agreement that the need for financial support of the department is real, but also argued, that even after the quarter-cent increase, the city’s sales revenue would still be far below average compared to surrounding communities.


Ballot language must be certified by January 28 in time for the April ballot.