Crews are scheduled to begin work on Mohawk Road in Chillicothe this week. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Street Superintendent Barry Arthur:

Barry Arthur

The road near the new Hedrick Medical Center will be completely rehabbed. “They will be pulling asphalt out and pouring concrete, with storm drainage,” said Arthur, “This will be from U.S. 65 up to the other side of the new hospital entrance. And all of the drainage will of course be drained to the north side, and storm drainage will be set underneath the ground to get all the water off the road.”

The contract calls for the project to be completed within 60 days.

“When we get the new hospital in, the traffic that will be running off of 65. You know, just to update that. The drainage on Mohawk now is not in very good shape. And this will take care of all those issues. And with the increased volume of traffic, why, it will give them a better access to and from the hospital.”

The projects will cost about $167,000.