Students at Garrison School in Chillicothe recently received books from the local rotary club.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Vice President Robin Westphal:

Robin Westphal

The idea was developed by the club after another funding source was lost.  “A preschool teacher at Garrison school had applied for a grant from another organization and we later learned that she did not receive the grant,” said Westphal,” So, we took the project on ourselves.  We contributed $250 and then also applied for a matching grant from the District Rotary Foundation.  So, for the total of $500 we purchased 130 paperback books.”

Rotary members also personally sponsored more than 60 hardbound books for the school’s library.  Westphal explained that the titles were chosen with care.  “We selected books that are part of what is considered a core collection for preschool students,” said Westphal,” They’re books that have been recognized as wonderful books for not just their story content, but also to help preschoolers learn to read.  When we went to deliver the books, the kids were so excited that you’d thought we were giving them candy or toys.  It was very inspiring to see how thrilled they were with books.”

Rotary members will also be donating their time to assist with reading to the children and library duties.

Press Release:

The Chillicothe Rotary Club, with assistance from a grant from Rotary District 6040 recently donated 130 paperback books to Patricia Howard’s preschool class at Garrison School.  Mrs. Howard plans to have the books available for children to take home for their parents to read with them.  The local club contributed $250 and the District Rotary Foundation contributed $250.

In addition to the paperback books, Rotary members have sponsored over 60 hardback books that will be added to the Garrison School library.  The hardback books will be presented at a later date.  The project is being coordinated by Livingston County Library Director Robin Westphal, who will be purchasing the titles on behalf of Rotary.  “This project is near and dear to my heart,” Westphal remarked.  “It’s been a lot of fun to work with Mrs. Howard and Rotarians to promote reading.”

Rotary members will also be reading to students and helping with straightening and organizing the library at Garrison on a regular basis.

“The Chillicothe Rotary Club is thrilled to be involved with a project that promotes early childhood literacy in our community,” stated Rotary President Julie McCoy.  “When we delivered the paperback books, the kids were so excited and couldn’t wait to have some of the new books read to them.”

“Rotary members have really stepped up by sponsoring books and wanting to read to the kids,” McCoy continued.