CHILLICOTHE, MO – A meeting of Chillicothe Council members Tuesday received the results of an independent audit.



During a scheduled workshop, Chillicothe city officials reviewed the audit for the last budget year. The city has remained in compliance with state budgetary statutes. A statement by the city administrator, Darin Chappell, included his belief that subsequent budgets will be moving in a positive direction for Chillicothe. Future budgets will be taking into account a modest increase in sales tax revenue, due to expected, robust growth. Chappell also says, productivity considerations, including the adoption of additional duties for employees at an increased rate of pay, in lieu of hiring for full time positions, will also greatly reduce expenditures.

Other action Tuesday followed a public hearing detailing the proposed purchase of emergency radio equipment.

The city council of Chillicothe finalized an ordinance for the acquisition of communications software needed for on-board computers to become compatible with Interpol, a global, police intelligence interface.  The cost was around $244,000.  Council members congratulated first responders upon passage, indicating the communications system would improve performance.