MISSOURI   It is National 4-H week and area kids are getting recognized for their hard work in agriculture and diverse projects. Four-H develops many skills for kids, so it’s no surprise that some of them end up in notable positions.

Christine Tew is Director of Communications & Public Relations for the Missouri Soybean Association and the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. Christine is also an author for the Missouri Soybean Farmer magazine.

Tew said her experiences in 4-H helped her throughout her college career and into her current profession. She is from Florida and although her parents were not farmers all her friends parents were. That is how she got into 4-H.

Tew said the memorable things about 4-H are the friends that you make and the social skills the program gives you, that will carry you through life no matter where you go in life.

“I grew up in north central Florida but went to school at the University of Missouri,” Tew said. “Because of 4-H, I was able to network and make friends who had similar interests.”

Tew said  it’s now important for her to carry the message of how beneficial 4-H actually is on so many levels.

The 4-H program teaches kids so many different skills on so many different levels. Children are taught responsibility in taking care of animals and the sale of them. Many of the 4-H kids take up public speaking and build their communication skills through the program.

Tew has become an advocate for the program and feels very fortunate to have participated in 4-H all the way through as a kid.  Tew fell in love with agriculture and her early  roots in 4-H, she says,  has helped bring her to where she is today.

Tew said Agriculture is a family, hands down.

“Things come full circle,” Tew said. “It is so cool that 4-H gives us the ability to relate to others because of the shared experiences of the program.”