Call it a misinterpretation or an error by a Chillicothe reporter, but whatever the case, city officials decided to issue a statement Tuesday in an attempt to clear the air.  City Administrator Ike Holland said in an email to newspapers and radio stations that a report by one local media outlet as to whether or not the city wants all parking lots to be paved has caused some confusion among residents.  Holland said council was only addressing a current city ordinance.  They were not trying to implement a burdensome regulation.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk with Holland:

Ike Holland

Email from Ike Holland

In a regular meeting of the City Council of Chillicothe on 11 June, there was a brief discussion about the City’s parking lot code and the requirements by local businesses.  Subsequently, local businesses, through media outlets interpreted a message that the City wanted all parking lots in the City to be paved in concrete.  This would be very costly and time consuming by local businesses and not acceptable to most of them.

However, it is just the opposite, the reason that the City parking lot code was discussed and will be discussed is that it is lacking in consistency and completeness.  Therefore, the City in an attempt to make the code more complete, and consistent will be reviewing it and look for ways to improve this important code.

The City does not desire to put unfair financial burdens on our local businesses.  The City financially supports local events and organizations that encourage and aid the local small businesses to grow their customer base.  Further, the City has done everything from operating a local Railroad system, support of the Industrial Park and currently presiding over the construction of the new hospital and Water Park.  The local City government has and will continue to look for ways to encourage tourism, shopping and investments in Chillicothe and has done it not through words, but with visible capital projects that we all enjoy and utilize.

There will be several meetings discussing the parking lot code, the first will be on the 6th of August at 7 pm, with the Planning and Zoning Board, inside the City Hall Council Chambers.