CARROLLTON, MO – City improvement and growth seemed to be the main topics of the most recent council meeting in Carrollton.

Abandoned buildings was one topic brought up by Carrollton Area Economic Alliance representative, Sharon Metz. She indicated the city has been complacent for too long in the face of pushback.  Metz was concerned with growing the city. International building codes were adopted January, 2018 and could be used to force owners to provide upkeep, hopefully inducing the sale of the property to those willing to develop. Potentially blighted properties could be condemned, but that would also cost the city. Council gave tacit approval for city officials to begin looking into properties that may be in violation of codes, and to seek structural engineering services.

Metz was also happy about recent news regarding the stage of progress reached on a possible Amtrak terminal for the city.  Amtrak recently signed off on a conceptual design crafted with the cooperation of city engineers.  Carrollton stakeholders received the go-ahead to share the design with BNSF.

The Rupe Center was, once again, mentioned as a possible solution to the growing problem of venue availability.  City officials agreed Carrollton is missing opportunities as residents schedule events in larger venues out of town.  Expanding the Rupe Center was mentioned as a possible way to keep revenue in the city.

Kiwanis representatives in Carrollton desire a parade for kids.  “Kids Day” is a work-in-progress planned for October 27.  Halloween will be the first theme for the proposed parade.  Randall Barry asked council members and police for assistance with street delegation and traffic control.