ODESSA, MO – The Odessa aldermen met Monday night in their first meeting after the April 4 elections to accept the results.

Three sitting aldermen up for reelection April 4 all returned to the Community Building Monday to take the oath of office.  John Carmody, Brian Henning, and Mike Stevens were sworn in by City Clerk, Peggy Eoff.

Question 1, concerning the sale of the water and wastewater systems could not muster two-thirds approval by voters.  City officials will be looking at other ways to generate financial stability to maintain the systems, and deal with debt.

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Some aldermen are hopeful that measures taken to increase construction will encourage growth in the city, thereby increasing the tax base, and available revenue.

In conjunction with the recent lifting of a moratorium on building, new incentives for construction in the city would be enacted for the purpose of spurring development and economic growth.  It was thought, by several aldermen, that utility connection fees for new buildings were hindering growth.  It was noted that while other municipalities were seeing an increase in construction trends, little interest was being shown in Odessa as a location to build.  It was thought that prohibitive cost was one reason.  Aldermen approved the waiving of all utility connection fees, so that initial construction costs would only be incurred from a deposit, building permits and inspections.

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A comprehensive street improvement plan was lauded by aldermen at the meeting.  With many city streets believed to be in disrepair, city officials are eager to begin providing input with future budget requests.

Two amendments to the budget concerned the cash flow in and out of city coffers for the coverage of recent storm damage by insurance payments.  A proclamation by Mayor Couch also terminated the local state of emergency.

Street closures for Puddle Jumper Days were also approved by aldermen after a request from Parks Director, Steve Cobb.