CHARITON COUNTY, Mo. — Chariton County Emergency Management Agency and the City of Brunswick are asking those affected by flooding to remember to wear proper protective gear as they go into clean up mode, street wise.

Flood water, as well as anything it touches, is contaminated after coming into contact with the septic system and can carry hepatitis, parasites, and fungi.

Proper protective gear includes gloves, boots, masks, etc.

The city and emergency management agency are also asking residents to not immediately re-enter their homes if they have been affected by flooding as the earlier mentioned hazards can be present in your home.

You must call the City of Brunswick at (660)548-3048 to schedule an inspection.

The city and emergency management agency were also holding a meeting Tuesday to discuss rebuilding and what the next steps of recovering from the flood would be as well as possible steps in being reimbursed for damages caused by the flooding.