As conditions continue to remain dry, one area city is concerned about what that might mean for the future. Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Hamilton City Administrator Dale Wallace:

Dale Wallace

Wallace said they’re preparing for the worst.  “Well, we still have issues because obviously we haven’t had much moisture,”said Wallace,” The drought is effecting our reservoir.  Of course, we produce our own water from the city reservoir which is located east of town and it’s continuing to drop.  As we speak, it’s approximately 60 inches below the spillway.  That’s a large volume of water if you calculate that over a 93 acre lake.  But we’ve also got a lot of water left.”

Wallace said officials know the challenges they may face in the near future.  “At current usage, we estimate we would no longer gravity flow into the plant in late spring or early summer,” said Wallace,” At the same time, we are seeking other water sources, but I really can’t speak to the details of that right now.  We are just preparing for the worse in the probable case that we don’t get a lot of moisture this winter.”

The city has been in stage two water restrictions since early September.  According to Wallace, they could soon move to stage three which would change the conservation efforts from voluntary to mandatory.