The City of Odessa is looking to hire a Community Development Director.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Mayor Justin Murry:

Justin Murry

Murry said the city has not had an Economic Director for some time, and this position would combine some of those responsibilities with that of a Community Planner.  “That will spread out into more of the, not only trying facilitate economic development, but how’s the overall community going to move forward?  How’s is going to grow, how’s it going to do those things with the Planning and Zoning Commission and all those other pieces?” said Murry.  Advertisements for the position are expected to be sent out within the next few weeks.

Council also approved a new emergency siren in the downtown area at a cost of about $23,000.  It used to sit on the roof of City Hall, which was causing damage to the structure.  A new siren will now be located on a pole near the police station, about a half of a block away.  This also allows it to be plugged into that generator so it will work in case of power failure.  It will also be larger, which means better coverage.

Plans were made for a local store to build a new location.  Family Dollar has proposed to move from their downtown location to a lot on the north end of 2nd Street, and requested that the easement at that location be moved 15 feet so they could put a water retention basin in the area.