A former employee for Maranatha Services Incorporated filed a $100,000 civil lawsuit against a sheltered workshop in Richmond.

The lawsuit filed last month against the Ray County Board of Services accuses the organization of attempting to get rid of their competition by filing a false report to the Department of Mental Health.

At the time the report was submitted, Angela Guido worked for Maranatha Services.  She is seeking compensation from the organization after she says they improperly used health information to complete a Community Event Report Form.

Court documents allege Ray County Board of Services Coordinator Shannon Wollard listed in the report that Guido had “blackout spells and that she may hit consumers.”

Wollard is also accused of providing Guido’s past medical history to the general public.

The lawsuit maintains that the report violated all federal and state laws as well as HIPPA’s privacy rule.

Guido has filed separate actions agasint Wollard, Case Management Director Misti Wolf, and Ray County Board of Services Director Bob Bonds.

All parties refused to comment.