The featured teams for our next broadcast of high school basketball will be determined tonight at Tina-Avalon High School; who is once again hosting the annual CLAA Conference Tournament. Tonight’s first semi-final just underway at 4:30 pits Hardin-Central against the Lady Wildcats from Southwest of Ludlow. Lady Wildcat Coach Brian Upton knows his squad is in for a serious battle.

Coach Upton

Hardin Central Coach Kenny Layman says no matter the outcome tonight they’re next game could be just as tough or tougher.

Kenny Layman

In the other girls semi-final at 7 o’clock; Coach Tony Fairchild and his Meadville Lady Eagles take on the Sara Gilliand led Hale Lady Cardinals for the fourth time this season. The first boys semi-final tonight is at 5:45 and has the second seeded Meadville Eagles taking on the surprising sixth seeded Northwestern Eagles and the Nightcap game features the top seeded Tina-Avalon boys doing battel with the Hale Cardinals at 8:15.

Our broadcast of the Championship games on Saturday night will get underway just before 7:30. Nathan Stuedle and yours truly will bring you the call.