A lawsuit was recently filed against a Clay County woman by Attorney General Chris Koster. According to reports, Terri Mellon, of Lawson, owner of Evans Oil and Gas violated Missouri’s Air Conservation Law.

Press Release from the Attorney General’s Office:

Attorney General Chris Koster said today he has filed a lawsuit against Terri Mellon, of Lawson, and Evans Oil & Gas, Inc., for violating Missouri’s Air Conservation Law.


Koster said Mellon is a facility manager for Evans Oil & Gas, which owns a bulk gasoline plant and a gas station in Lawson.  Mellon has control over the operations of the facilities.  Each facility has two above-ground storage tanks for the gasoline, which are equipped with State I vapor recovery systems that are meant to prevent dangerous vapor or gas from being discharged into the atmosphere.  Koster said Missouri law requires that “static leak decay tests” be performed on these systems every five years to ensure system vapor tightness.  The defendants failed to conduct the required tests.


“Missouri’s Air Conservation Law was enacted to protect both citizens’ health and our environment,” Koster said. “The Attorney General’s Office will not look the other way when these violations occur.”


Koster asked the court to issue preliminary and permanent injunctions prohibiting the defendants from further violations of the Missouri Air Conservation Law; to assess a $10,000 penalty for each day the defendants violated the law; and to order the defendants to pay court costs.