Chillicothe Middle School students have the day off from class, but that time will not be wasted. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Library Media Specialist and Event Organizer Laurinda Davison:

Laurinda Davison

“CMS Cares Day” allows students to participate in volunteer activities around town. “Wash windows, we rake leaves, we’ve done painting. We’ve done just pretty much anything. We do storm drain stenciling, we do water quality testing at local streams and rivers. We do cleanup jobs for various businesses around town,” said Davison. “We go to all the different schools in the district and rake leaves, and pick up gumballs, and we spread wood chips. Really just about any job.”

A middle school teacher started “CMU Cares” day about ten years ago.  “Chillicothe is so fortunate to have a community who is very, very supportive of our schools. And she saw this as a chance, not just for our students to learn to give for others, but a way to repay the community for all of their kindnesses towards the schools.”

Students will be wearing matching t-shirts so they are easily recognized. They will start out the day with an assembly that includes speeches from community volunteers.