Trenton, MO  It’s no secret that these are trying times for our police whose aim is to serve and protect. One local police department is looking for ways to better serve their community and offers a couple events to interact with the community they serve.

Leiutenant Larry Smith is with the Trenton Police Department and says “Coffee with a cop”, happening later this month, is a great way to open the communication lines with the people they serve.
Smith says this event has been going on for around six years. Topics people bring forth very. These community efforts are geared towards building.

Coffee with a cop is not the only social event where Trenton police try to build relationships with their community. They also have a pizza outing. He says this is an extended effort to help out their citizens and hear their concerns.
Smith says the officers enjoy meeting members of the community they do not normally get to meet.

The Trenton Police Department’s next “Coffee with a Cop” program will be held March 25th, 2020, from 8:00 am to 10:00 am at Main Stop located at 410 Main Street.