COLUMBIA, MO – A tussle Sunday morning at a gas station reportedly involved the arrest of a Columbia man by police.

Officers were called to Eagle Stop at North Providence in Columbia after complaints of several vehicles blocking the parking lot.

Upon arrival, officers saw several persons engaged in an altercation.  According to a press release, shots were fired by one assailant at another person.  After an attempt to subdue the subjects with tasers, and arresting one individual, witnesses reportedly began attacking police.  The police department says, pepper spray was used to disperse the crowd.

Spencer Allen Ervin, 30, of Columbia, was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon.  Three other arrests also cited charges for peace disturbance, trespassing, and controlled substance possession.

Deshane Griffith, 26, Shana Deshay McClain, 23, and Monterio Truss, 17, all of Columbia, were taken into custody.