The Wilton Springs Bridge was the subject of discussion for the Saline County Commission this week.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Presiding Commissioner Tom Stallings:

Tom Stallings

Demolition of the Wilton Springs Bridge was delayed after the County Commission learned it qualifies as a National Historic Bridge.  The structure was built in 1895.

The Commission received a memorandum of agreement between the Commission, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the Federal Highway Administration.  It allows a time period for anyone interested in taking the bridge down themselves to come forward.  It will delay the demolition process by about two months.

The Commission also reviewed a contract with Enbridge this week.  Stallings said it is the equivalent of issuing permits for each road the Flanagan South Pipeline will cross.

According to the contract, Enbridge will be required to restore the roads to their condition before the pipeline was laid.  The County will agree not to lay too much dirt on top of the pipeline once it is installed or cut roadside ditches deep enough to affect the line.

The Commission will get signatures from the Special Road Districts before they send it in.  Stallings said they hope to have the contract signed by the end of the month.