The Saline County Commission continued its efforts this week to inform residents about an issue on the November ballot.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade speak with Northern Commissioner Norvelle “Brownie” Brown:

Norvelle Brown

Brown said they have been meeting with organizations across the county.  “I think, in most elections, if you use the word ‘tax’ and people know what it’s for, and explained it to them, the “dos” and “don’ts,” most people, I think, are in favor of it if they realize the need is there,” said Brown, “Definitely the need is there because the Department of Revenue has estimated that the County of Saline has a chance of losing $100,000 in revenue if we do not put a use tax in place.”  The Commission learned Wednesday that the Farm Bureau of Saline County has endorsed the tax.

A meeting with the Marshall Saline Development Corporation took up the Commission’s Tuesday morning.  They saw a presentation by the Zimmer Real Estate Group on the rough draft of their research on Saline County’s economic development.  Brown said they will get a copy of it to share with the public in the near future.