Erosion was on the minds of the Livingston County Commission Tuesday.  Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with Livingston County Presiding Commissioner Eva Danner Horton:

Eva Danner Horton

The Livingston County Commission took an educational field trip with a representative of Great River Associates to look at some sites employing new bank stabilization techniques.  Waterways in Grundy and Sullivan Counties were designed to combat erosion of beds near bridges.  Horton says bank stabilization techniques were originally estimated to cost around $300,000, nearly the cost of a replacement bridge.  The bend weirs used ended up costing between $100-150,000 dollars.  Horton says it is a high price, but if it saves a bridge, it is definitely worth it.

Horton says the county does not have any problem areas at the moment, but felt it necessary to stay up to date with what was being done to combat the issue in case it did arise.