A meeting of the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to review candidates for placement on the National Registry of Historic Places will take place on Friday. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk with Division Information Officer Steph Diedrick:

Steph Diedrick

“On August 9th, the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation will meet,” Diedrick said. “This is the body that reviews the National Register nominations and provides input on preservation issues for the State of Missouri. They have 11 properties and sites on the agenda for the August 9 meeting and they will be reviewing and evaluating them.”

Diedrick says the properties which are eventually added to the list benefit from tax incentives and preservation assistance as well.

“Once the properties are reviewed by the Missouri Advisory Council, they are then able to move through a process which ultimately concludes with them being placed on the National Register,” added Diedrick. “They’re specific that they are significant to American history, architecture, or archeology. Sometimes they will also address engineering or culture. Specifically, these are resources that have been found to contribute to the historical and cultural foundation of the entire country.”

The National Registery of Historic Places protects properties which are found to have historical significance across the entire country.