Click below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with the President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri, Mary Hinde about the recent announcement of two new Fund Development Directors:

Mary Hinde

The Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri is a group that does amazing things for 18 northwestern counties in Missouri. “It is a way to increase philanthropy in Northwest Missouri,” said Hinde, “We work on educating people on the need to give charitably, be philanthropic, and we work on regional vitality, which is capitalizing on the regions assets and bringing people together regionally to meet the challenges.”

It takes a lot of caring, determined people to reach communities to this extent, which is why the foundation brought in two new Fund Development Directors. “Mike Thompson lives in Maryville and he will be our new Fund Development Director for that region,” stated Hinde, “Steve Maxey is based in the Trenton area and he will be our Fund Development Director in that area. They will both work on ways to educate the public on increasing philanthropy and working on regional vitality in those areas.”

The newly appointed Directors are determined to make a difference with this group just as they have in previous year’s endeavors. “Mike Thompson is a former state representative,” Hinde described a few qualifications, “He served for many years in the field of education which is a very necessary endeavor to increase economic development in Northwest Missouri. Steve Maxey was head of the development department at North Central Missouri State College for years and has a banking back ground among other things.”

While the foundations goal is economic development through charitable giving, they do many great things to boost and improve moral as well. “We started with zero,” Hinde spoke of the foundations come-up, “Since 2009 we have 20 million under administrative management and we have 111 funds.  We helped many groups of people not have to form their own 501-C3 and we’ve seen those groups do some wonderful things.  We’ve got a lot of scholarship funds, and we are now in the process of executing an entrepreneurial assessment for the 18 counties of Northwest Missouri.  So we do lots of things that not only help our donors but that help the region in general.”