An arch at a Chillicothe park took center stage at Tuesday night’s council meeting.  The Parks Board, represented by Karen Dixon, informed council members that the Festival of Lights committee was not given permission to install a permanent structure in Simpson Park.  Dixon requested that the arch be removed.  Barb Burton, on behalf of the lights committee, stated that the integrity of the structure would be compromised if they were required to remove it every year.  The arch’s height was also called into question and some council members believe it may be a legal issue.  The item was tabled as both community groups attempt to reach a compromise.

In other council news, members accepted the state auditor’s recommendation of 0.676 for the city’s general tax levy and 0.19 for the park levy.  Prior to that decision, council voted to “undo the voluntary reduction” set in 2010.  That decision allowed them to proceed with setting the tax levy.