The Trenton PD are warning of a scam initiated online and carried out by phone.

The Trenton PD are warning of a scam that is initiated online then carried out by phone.

The Trenton Police Department is warning residents about a computer scam where thieves charade as Microsoft employees. Click to hear KMZU’ Mike Stone speak with Trenton Police Assistant Chief Rex Ross.

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Assistant Chief Rex Ross says even a simple mouse click can put you on a page where hackers wait.

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Many times online scams deal with people being on their computer and inadvertently hitting a link that maybe they didn’t intend to and the one we’re dealing with in the past week, they apparently put enough information there that they were able to call him on the phone,” Ross says.

After calling on the phone they were able to talk him into believing they were from Microsoft trying to do an update, and they would be able to help them with the computer, and at one point they even took control of the computer and tried to solicit money from them,” he adds.

Asst. Chief Ross says there are ways to avoid the trap.

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It’s being careful where you go on the internet, and these people though they were in the spot where they needed to be, but…inadvertently clicked something else and went through and put their phone number in there at one point and that’s how they were able to call them and talk them into letting them have some access to the computer,” Ross explains.

Remember, you’re not going to get a phone call from someone unless you have a previous business relationship with them. If you call them and give your information to the company that you’re dealing with, that’s one thing. But that’s normally not solicited from you,” he concluded.

Ross reminds everyone that personal information, including bank, credit and debit card numbers should never be given over the phone unless you initiated contact, never when the request is unsolicited.

Never take a caller’s word they are with a reputable business. If you’re unsure, tell them you will call the business and take care of the issue.

For more information on cyber-crime aimed at consumers visit the Missouri State Attorney General’s Website.

Trenton Police Department Press Release

The Trenton Police Department has been notified of an ongoing online scam targeted at area residents.

The current scam involves a computer user legitimately updating software on their computers then being telephoned by the scammers asking for control of the computer and in turn trying to extort money from the computer user.

In general, computer software companies do not contact individual users via telephone or computer message unsolicited.

Never give out personal information or financial data to anyone that you do not already have a business relationship with.  Additionally, do not just take a person’s word for who they are or who they are employed by.  If you are not sure about a caller, it’s never wrong to call back and verify a person’s information.