CONCORDIA, Mo – A full agenda Monday night for Concordia Aldermen included eight new items of business.

After routine housekeeping issues, the council took public comments regarding road signs.  One resident had problems with the location of a sign intended for truck drivers.  Another resident from Redbud Road said a speed limit sign may be needed in his area.

Moneys were taken from an existing CDBG loan for improvements around Willow Point, and transferred to a capital improvement fund for the same area to pay for the cost of a siren warning system.

Discussions of future yard-waste management came at the behest of one local business that complained sanitary standards were being affected by smoke and constant smoldering of the burn pile.  Possible alternatives included the addition of a yard waste container supplied by Heartland Waste.

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Mayor Brown said the Department of Natural Resources is becoming less keen to burning on a general basis.  Heartland would charge a small amount to empty the yard-waste container, which has a capacity of 30 cubic yards.  The city is currently restricted to burning 5 cubic yards of waste at a time.

Concordia’s portion in a class-action lawsuit against Tracfone was reviewed by board members.  The city accepted a settlement amount of over $4 thousand for past telecommunications taxes.  Included in the class-action were 354 other Missouri municipalities.

Due to revisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, changes to municipal salaried positions were reviewed.  The city must be in compliance by December 1st.  One salaried position was done away with.  The position of Police Chief was taken out of the “exempt’ category, and placed in the ‘non exempt’ category, eligible for overtime pay.

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City Administrator, Dale Klussman said outgoing chief, Jim Lynn, would be replaced by officer Clint Raines, January 12, at which time, the new ordinance would take effect.

Mayor Brown gave his report.

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