untitledHear comments made about the Police Advisory Board.

Hear comments made about the Entrance Project.

Hear comments made about the liquor license.

CONCORDIA, Mo. — The meeting of the Concordia Board of Aldermen was underway at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 20, 2015.

Approval of minutes and bills was passed with little discussion.

The discussion of one item in old business had to be postponed until mid-meeting for public discussion.  The remaining item was the proposed action to be taken in regard to the Police Advisory Board.  The PA board had not been meeting with the regularity necessary to conform with city statutes due to lack of quorum.

After meeting with the PA board, City Administrator Dale Klussman informed the city that the PAB proposed an alteration to current ordinances governing that board’s actions.  Two ordinances were drafted and presented to the board.  One ordinance disbanded the Police Advisory Board, which had been the previous sentiment of past Aldermen meetings.  An amendment of current city codes was proposed and passed reducing the meeting requirements of the PA board.  That board would meet once annually, instead of quarterly.

A list of Mayoral appointments was presented for the board’s approval which was passed.

An ordinance was proposed and passed, authorizing the contract with Engineering Surveys and Services for the Concordia Entrance Project which would place a walkway through the I-70 entrance ramp.  The amount was not to exceed $40,778.01

The lease of a Bobcat skid steer was also approved, which was a lease-to-own agreement with a trade-in.  The city has entered into the same lease for this equipment since 2004.

A previously planned public hearing took place at approximately 7:30 p.m. to voice comments about the impending issuance of a liquor license to a prospective distillery and liquor store, V&L Holdings, to be located at 106 NW 2nd street.

Introductory comments by Klussman were reminders of city and state statutes, which prohibit the issuance of a liquor license to an entity within a certain distance of a school or building regularly used as a place of worship.  Exceptions to these statutes included the informing of the public 10 days prior to the issuance.  Letters of this kind had been sent to those parties affected and otherwise advertised.  After a few questions by the public, with no real dissension,  it was determined that the city was within safe, legal bounds to proceed with the granting of the license.

This was also after subsequent assurances by Klussman, who had previously spoken with city, legal counsel and representatives from the Bureau of Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco.  With the city’s distance requirement currently being more stringent than the state’s, immediate consent was granted to issue the license with provisional 10 days from the following day with an informative letter to affected parties.

The issue of reimbursement for sewer damage was taken up as the city had received more bills from residents at two properties.  A discussion of a possible, future ordination of requirements was taken up for properties to install backflow valves to reduce the number of claims the city had to deal with.

Also passed was a motion for construction of kennels for the police department, and the removal of old kennels to an area near the water plant property.

Comments and announcements from the Administrator and board members wrapped up the meeting.