Listen to the Concordia Board of Aldermen Meeting for June 1st.

The Concordia Board of Aldermen meeting was underway at 7:00p.m. beginning with a note about the health of Mayor Don Holtcamp who had undergone a medical proceedure that day.  In the Mayor’s absence, Board President Michael Brown performed the duties of the Mayor.

The minutes were approved with a slight correction.  Also amended was a late addition to the claims list in the authorization of payment of bills.

A significant portion of the meeting was used for discussion of possible action to be taken on bids offered for a new city backhoe.  After reviewing the bids, city Administrator Dale Klussman advised using a one-year lease program.  Since state statutes disallow city boards to transfer debt to future boards, a one-year lease would allow successive boards to either continue or terminate the program.  Purchasing a backhoe outright would also require the city to borrow money, not only for the purchase, but also to present that item for a public vote.  The board resolved to follow the recommendation of Administrator Klussman pending the review of several backhoes to be available for demonstration scheduled tentatively for June 15th.

Due to the absence of Mayor Holtcamp, Board President Brown was recommended to sign documents authorizing an audit for fiscal year ’14-’15, and for the Solid Waste Disposal contract, which was the extent of business in the Mayor’s report.

In the Administrator’s report, a request by a private interest was made known to the board involving the construction of a storm sewer drain which would be located on an adjacent property.  City codes would mandate the storm sewer’s location on public property, however, no easments were in place to indicate where lines should be run.  The board, upon advisement from Administrator Klussman, voted to take no action upon the request.

The Park Board report was given by Alderman Schnakenburg which included discussions on the sidewalk improvement for central park.  Actions of the Community Center Commitee were reported which included a request to the Aldermen Board for $2,000 for mailing and return postage for the distribution of a survey.