The City Council of Concordia conducted business on April 20th of 2015.

Several ordinances were discussed. Bids were accepted for cropground rental and trash collection services for the city. A proclamation restoring the maypole was also passed.

The city election results were accepted and passed before re-elected board members Michael Brown and Larry Schnakenberg were sworn in.

A new meeting was called to order to discuss new business.

Lengthy discussions were undertaken regarding the merits of the lease-purchase of a new backhoe for the city. Board members were particularly attracted to the option of a five-year note with six payments instead of five. The warranty of an old backhoe was also at issue, and one of the reasons for the initial idea to buy new. An ordinance approving funds for the purchase of a new backhoe was passed.

An ordinance was also proposed to purchase a new system for reading water meters. The projected cost of such an ordinance was not an issue. The general perception among board members was that it would generate revenue due to the increased ability to measure water use. The ordinance passed.

The health insurance plan for city employees was also under discussion, and was ultimately a decision to continue under the current health plan.