Meet-Concordia777CONCORDIA, Mo – The city board for Concordia, Missouri met December, 7, 2015 for discussion of several items of new business.

After approving the previous meeting’s minutes, and adjustment of budgets to pay bills, the board embarked on a discussion of possible future plans regarding the needs of the Maintenance Department.  Department Superintendent, Alan Riesterer was present at the meeting, and informed the board about possible alternatives to pothole repair, and improvement of uneven portions of street.  The process called “decking” uses a coarser grade of rock.  Standard sizes of street rock are roughly 3/8″ in diameter.  Decking uses larger rock which, according to Riesterer, stays in place longer when used in larger repair areas.

The Maintenance Department is also looking at the possibility of a new equipment purchase.  The current vacuum truck now used for street cleaning has sustained a track record of chronic repairs to the containment chamber.  Administrator Klussman remarked, it acts like a sandblaster after it picks up loose rock chips, causing cracks and holes needing repair.  Consequently, the city will be looking into the purchase of a mechanical sweeper, which was also thought to be potentially more efficient than the vacuum unit.

The board then considered a request to alter an existing city ordinance concerning the storage of inoperable vehicles.  The request was for an exception in the case of industrial or commercial zones within the city.  The current ordinance states inoperable vehicles must be enclosed within a fence or structure, or be subject to fines, and/or removal.

After consideration, the board decided to reject the request, citing the current ordinance as reasonably acceptable, and enforceable.  Mention of the presence of rodents on an adjacent property was also made, the inference being, the defunct vehicles attract pests.

Four elected positions will be under consideration in an April, 2016 ballot.  The positions of Mayor, City Collector, and Aldermen for Wards I and II will be decided.  The decision to pass an official ordinance is partially due to the upcoming window by which candidates must file with the City Clerk.  A period of roughly one month:  beginning 8 a.m. Tuesday, December 15, and ending 5 p.m. January, 16, 2016 will allow candidates to file.

Discussions of City Christmas plans were taken up by the board, which would affect the times of city operation on certain days.  On the 22nd of December, the city will cease operations from  11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  On the 24th, The city will remain open until 1 p.m.

An update was given on the progress of the Concordia Entrance Project.  A copy of the plans, recently received today, were expected to be submitted to MoDOT by December 7.  Alderman Schnakenberg was appointed to review the plans for the board before submittal.

Other business reviewed concerned a notification by the Concordia Area Heritage Society which will no longer be maintaining the Concordia Museum due to the health of its members and consistent lack of quorum.  After the Alderman board is given time to review the request, which involves accepting donated and loaned artifacts belonging to the museum, a plan will be formed on whether, and how, to proceed.

Other announcements made by the City Clerk, made mention of the city still accepting applications for Maintenance Worker.