CONCORDIA, MO  Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together in gratitude and enjoy a good meal. Not every family though has the means to supply food for the whole family. There is a growing concern in today’s tough economic times to reach out and help those less fortunate.

In Missouri, one out of every seven people struggle with hunger. reported over 865,000 Missourians are affected by hunger, and over 243,000 of those Missourians are children.

To be really thankful means putting gratitude into action.

Amanda Reid is the Agriculture teacher at Concordia High School and “Meals of Hope” Co-Chair. On November 22nd all of Concordia school district will come together to assemble dehydrated soup for less fortunate families to take home. They call this “Back-snacking”.

Reid said they are seeing a growing need for food outreach programs and will continue coming up with strategies to engage their kids with the community who are in need.

Reid believes with everyone pitching in, it should only take a couple of hours to put together over 30,000 soup dinners.

The FFA funded a meal program at Concordia and this is how the whole “Back-Snack” idea came about to help feed area families.

Reid noticed the growing need for families to receive these free meals and it has become a reoccurring theme.

Last year during the holidays they handed out 23 full Thanksgiving dinners and ham dinners at Christmas. This year they expect to give out 35 Thanksgiving dinners. Anyone who is interested in contributing to their “Meals of Hope” cause can make a donation by contacting Amanda Reid with the Concordia School District.