The Concordia School District is back in session today.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Superintendent Mary Beth Scherer:

Mary Beth Scherer

The summer months have been spent in preparation for the students’ return. “We had the interior of the elementary school repainted including all the classrooms and hallways,” said Scherer, “At the high school, we had the gymnasium, weight room, and the floors of the  locker rooms repainted.   New carpet and flooring was installed at both the elementary and high schools at different locations.  We also have a new scoreboard at the football field and we installed a 24/7 fire alarm monitoring system put in at all of our facilities.”

There are also some technology additions to welcome students into the 2014-2015 school year.  “We recieved funds last year from the pipeline that went through our community,” said Scherer, “So, we’re able to pilot some one-on-one initiatives in some of our classes.  We have purchased new laptops for student use and we have a new ITV classroom.”  The new laptops will be utilized by students in the fifth and sixth grades, as well as those in the science department at the high school.

Students will gather for the annual district-wide Orioles Strong “Party in the Park” event on Friday afternoon.  “One of our goals is to have all the kids get to know each other,” said Scherer, “So, we will combine them into groups so that the high school students can mentor the younger kids.  We will have some get-acquainted activities and games.  It’s just a fun way to get them excited about starting a new school year.”

More information can be found at the Concordia School District website.