Students in Concordia will return to school this fall to buildings that have received security upgrades during the summer months.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Superintendent Mary Beth Scherer:

Mary Beth Scherer

“In both buildings, for the first time, we will have more of a secure entrance,”said Scherer,”Once the school day begins, to get into the elementary school, individuals will be able to go through the first set of doors, but won’t be able to actually enter the building until being buzzed in by the secretary.  This will allow us to better control who is in our buildings.  We will also have this type of system at the high school.”

In addition to a more secure entrance procedure, the schools will also feature new cameras both inside the hallways and on the outside of the buildings.  According the Scherer,  the $42,000 project will also include a card-reader access system at the High School that will eliminate the need for traditional keys.