Congressman Sam Graves.

Congressman Sam Graves

Click below to listen to KMZU’s Andy Campbell speak with Wes Shaw, Press Secretary with Congressman Sam Graves of the 6th District of Missour

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WASHINGTON, D.C.- With rural hospitals closing across the nation and doctor shortages becoming more and more common across rural communities Representative Sam Graves of the 6th District of Missouri has introduced a bipartisan bill with the focus of eliminating Medicare sequesters for rural hospitals and providing help for struggling areas.

The new legislation is being pushed as 80% of rural counties face primary care health professional shortages. According to Rep. Graves “in the past two years, more rural hospitals have closed than in the previous ten years combined.”

The new “Save Rural Hospitals Act” is aimed at allowing rural hospitals the choice to offer outpatient care that meets the health needs of their rural community and ensure access to emergency care such as rural ambulance services.

Wes Shaw, Press Secretary with Congressman Graves told KMZU the “chance of it getting a serious look is dramatically increased” as the bill will attract lawmakers from both parties.