KMZU’s Kristi Cross spoke with Linn County Farmer Laurie Link who attended the 2014 Cultivate and Connect Conference hoted by the AgChat Foundation.

Laurie Link

The AgChat Foundation has a mission to empower farmers and ranchers to connect communities through social media platforms.

According to Laurie Link, a 4th generation farmer in Linn County, the need for growers is becoming more pertinent to the backbone of the American culture and economy. She attended the 2014 conference in Austin, TX where she learned how to better communicate with consumers.

Presenters gave information to better enable farmers and producers to talk with their consumers which allows consumers to get a better understanding of where their food comes from. Laurie Link says, “You do want to know where the food comes from. You want to know who’s providing it because it doesn’t just show up on the grocery store shelves; you need to know where it comes from.”

The AgChat Foundation encourages consumers and farmers alike to start communicating to help build healthy relationships, and not just on social media but face to face. This, in turn, can help keep local grown foods in their areas which also keeps money in the area.

You can learn more about AgChat by visting their website or visit their Facebook page.