An amendment to the constitution was passed Thursday in the United States House of Representative.

The Equal Rights Amendment, proposed in 1972 died after it expired in 1982. The vote Thursday is effectively to ignore the deadline, despite a Justice Department Ruling that constitutional amendments may not be revised after the deadline for ratification.

Democrat Rep. Jennifer Wexton of Virginia, says “There shouldn’t be a deadline on equality” indicating, with the amendment, the long march to equality will finally come to fruition. Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, released a statement Thursday, saying not only has the deadline passed, the Equal Rights Amendment, if ratified, would “entrench the legality of abortion.” Hartzler cited legal precedent, saying federal courts will likely require state funding of abortions following ERA passage. She also said progress for women, thus far gained could be in jeopardy, with proposed definitions based on ‘sex’ being replaced with gender identities.

The House vote was 232-183. The U.S. Senate is not expected to take up the amendment.