The Business Highway 13 corridor through Higginsville is going to get crowded as MoDOT diverts traffic on Highway 13 from I-70 to Route Y.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk with Higginsville City Administrator Lee Barker.

Lee Barker

Administrator Barker said the project will be 24/7 and will improve the roadway. “That work is going to be done in a non-stop process when they get started. The work is also going to include a 4’ shoulder, along with the rumble strips on the side,” Barker said. “And they’re going to be doing a little crosswalk work at 19th Street and Highway 13, at the Walmart and John Knox Village area. And then along with all of that work, there is of course, going to be a complete asphalt overlay on the road. ”

Administrator Barker adds the Board of Aldermen has worked closely with MoDOT and local law enforcement to make sure residents can still get where they’re going. “I believe they’ll probably do that traffic on one lane for quite a while from I-70 into town, so it won’t cut travel off completely, it will just be some delays during that time,” Barker said. “Like I said, they’re planning on doing that work 24 hours a day, so it’s going to be a non-stop project when they start is our understanding.”

The work starts Thursday, Aug. 1 and will run for several weeks.

City leaders are also looking into taking part in the Lafayette County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan that is geared towards making communities safer.