*All results are unofficial until certified by local/state election officials.

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Precincts Reported: 1111
Boonville City AttorneyVotes
Cydney Mayfield328
Write In347
Boonville City Councilman Ward 1Votes
Michael Stock109
Boonville City Councilman Ward 2Votes
Vanessa Dorman170
Boonville City Councilman Ward 3Votes
Whitney Venable198
Boonville City Councilman Ward 4Votes
Morris Carter102
Blackwater City Councilman At-Large
(Vote for 2)
Tanner Fahrendorf8
Richard Wilson6
Bunceton City Councilman West WardVotes
Teresa Carver Bell24
Wendell L. Cunningham10
Bunceton City Councilman East WardVotes
Jamie Vollmer18
Pilot Grove City Councilman At-Large
(Vote for Two)
Donna Bader43
Bradley Vollmer25
Karen Wolfe50
Prairie Home for MayerVotes
Donald Ray Lohse44
Prairie Home City Councilman East WardVotes
Joyce L. Gibson15
Donald "Will" Simmons16
Prairie Home City Councilman West WardVotes
David A. Mesplay16
Village of Windsor Place Board of Trustees
(Vote for Three)
Karen Myers25
Maeola Rowles21
Jeanette (Jenny) Alpers26
Village of Wooldridge Board of Trustees
(Vote for Three)
Colleen Boorn3
Kelly Murphy3
Village of Wooldridge Board of Trustees
(Unexpired term)
Write In0
Buncton R-IV School Board
(Vote for 3)
Ronald W. Anderson Sr. 66
Brian Emde59
Robin L. Bishop87
Anna L. Kahle64
Otterville R-VI School Board
(Vote for 3)
Rosemary Brand81
John Meyer64
Gary Stone98
Sarah Johnson89
Prairie Home R-V School Board
(Vote for 3)
Tammy Brandes74
Marsha Stewart66
Hardeman R-10 School Board
(Vote for 3)
Bradlie Russell0
Derek Davis0
Kelly Boyer0
Stephanie L. Keller00
Moniteau R-1 School Board
(Vote for 3)
Craig Ash1
Philip Burger1
Joe Kirby1
Michael Irey0
Smithton R-VI School Board
(Vote for 3)
Sara Moore 5
Jon Alan Burdick0
James Haislip2
John Frazee4
Dennis Steele2
Todd Letourneau0
Allison M. Asbury1
Ti[pton R-VI School Board
(Vote for 3)
Clinton (Clint) C. Miller21
Sarah Bestgen5
Nancy L. Bookout3
Jason Hays6
Patsy Reed20
Kent Fischer3
Craig Wolf19
State Fair Community College Proposition AVotes
Consolidated Public Water Supply district #1Votes