The Cooper County Emergency Management Agency will hold a series of meetings on the evenings of August 21st and September 9th with a Saturday session September 13th.  Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Director Thomas White:

Thomas White

White said the goal is to coordinate any future agency and volunteer responses to disaster that may hit the county.  “Many times these groups go out and set up a shelter or feeding location,” said White,” It’s well-intended, but maybe those resources could be best used elsewhere.  We have animal shelters we need set up.  We have data collector and just the whole gauntlet.  We’re asking church and volunteer groups and anyone who want to help to attend.”

The meetings are scheduled from 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 21 and Tuesday, September 9th and at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 13th.  All sessions will be held at the CCEMA building on Main Street in Booneville.  Questions should be directed to 660-882-2614.

Press Release:

My biggest concern is that when we have a major disaster we will have several groups and individuals step forward and want to help without coordination with others  When this happens sometimes it helps and sometimes it creates problems.  Many time these well-meaning groups compete for the same resources that everyone is going after and this creates a shortage of resources or an overage of the same service .  there have been examples of response groups setting up and trying to help and no one shows up to get the help because there are many others offering the same help.  There have been examples of individuals needing help bet there was no group offering the assistance needed.

With this said I am going to hold several meeting to offer information to your group on what type of assistance is needed during a major disaster so that we can coordinate that ahead of time.  I am not going to tell anyone what to do nor am I going to deny anyone the information I have.  I am just going to ask that should your group think they may be willing and bale to assist in the future you have a representative attend a quick 30 minute meeting at one of the following times and dates or at a place and time of your choosing.

I am asking that your group consider my request to meet with you now when there in nothing going on and let us work together to help friends, neighbors, and family in the future should the need arise. September is national preparedness month so let us take 30 minutes and make some preparation should the need arise as I am sure it will.  All locations are here at the EOC.  Any questions please call 660-882-2614.

Thursday   8/21/14   7p.m.

Tuesday     9/9/14      7 p.m.

Saturday    9/13/14    9a.m.

Thomas V. White