Cooper County municipal election results – April 2, 2019

by Apr 2, 2019Cooper, Election

*** All election results are unofficial until certified by local and state election authorities.***

Cooper  Total Precincts :10
Precincts Reporting:
Number of Votes:
Race, April 2019 Report 1 Report 2 Final
Boonville R-I School District Board (2)
James R. Gann1,218
Steve Litwiller1,360
Boonville School District Proposition 2
Boonville School District Proposition 3
Village of Wooldridge Board of Trustees
(Vote for Three)
Colleen G. Boorn3
Kelly L. Murphy3
City of Boonville City Attorney (1)
Charissa Mayes36
Michael Stock139
Village of Windsor Place Board of Trustees
Jenny Alpers43
Karen Myers44
Maeola Rowles41
City of Blackwater Councilman-at-Large (2)
Tanner J. Fahrendorf10
Richard Wilson8
Prairie Home R-V School District Board of Directors (2)
Steven B. McDonnold35
Donald "Will" Simmons118
Patrick Twenter103
Smithton R-VI School Board (2)
Jason Brown5
Erin L. Gilbert0
Becky Williams5
Pilot Grove C-IV School Board
Earl E. Haller141
Jennifer Krumm161
Cydney Mayfield57
Joni L. Schupp227
Bradley Wayne Vollmer71
City of Pilot Grove Councilman-at-Large (2)
Donna Bader97
Sandra Meisenheimer91
Patrick Skain46
Uncontested Races
Boonville City Attorney (1)
Brad L. Wooldridge868
Boonville City Councilman Ward I (1)
Vanella Dorman247
Boonville City Councilman Ward III (1)
Whitney Venable344
Boonville City Councilman Ward IV (1)
Morris Carter162
City of Bunceton Councilman East Ward (1)
Mamie Vollmer8
City of Bunceton Councilman West Ward (1)
Teresa Bell18
City of Prairie Home Mayor (1)
Donald Ray Lohse44
City of Prairie Home Alderman East Ward (1)
Eric Kirschman28
City of Prairie Home Alderman West Ward (1)
Donald D. Dietzel21