In response to heavy rain across the Missouri River basin, the Army Corps of Engineers has adjusted its water release schedule at the six dams along the river. According to Chief of Missouri River Basin Water Management Jody Farhat, the Corps is stepping up releases at Gavins Point Dam from 150,000 to 160,000 cfs Thursday. “Bottom line is that the reservoir system is very full. We remain on that razor’s edge and if we get additional heavy rains, there’s the potential that we would have to go higher. We don’t anticipate that at this time, because we are seeing a shift into a more seasonal type precipitation pattern. It is certainly our hope and belief that 160,000 is as high as we have to go,” Farhat said.

Corps officials say the release of more water could cause river stages in the Kansas City area to rise more than half a foot, but actual stages depend on tributary inflows.

The Corps is expected to issue a new inundation map this weekend showing the areas that could be affected most by the release of more water.