The Army Corps of Engineers announced Wednesday that residents along the Missouri River will have to wait until late September or early October for water on crop fields to recede. Colonel Bob Ruch, Commander of the Omaha District, says they are working to provide up-to-date information.

Bob Ruch

Colonel Bob Ruch (ROOK), Commander of the Omaha District adds that the Corps is working to address concerns.

Bob Ruch

Chris Hedge, with the Hydrometerological Prediction Center (HPC),  says drier weather could bode well for the Corps’ release schedule.

Chris Hedge

The Corps said earlier this month it would reduce releases at Gavins Point from 160,000 cubic feet per second to 155,000 on Saturday. Current projections indicate releases will remain at 150,000 cfs through August 12.  Corps officials plans to make an announcement Friday that will detail release schedules for August and September.